[NEW] Infuser Bottle

Infuse elegantly, anytime, anywhere

Fill one compartment with tea and one with water. Attach the filter and invert to infuse. Watch the colour transform. Reverse to stop. Open and serve.

Elegance is found in simplicity. With the Jade Tea Infuser you can infuse loose-leaf tea with no fuss at all – whether you are at home, at your office, or on-the-go. Simply add tea, and water, and just the right amount of time.

Steeping tea for too long can cause it to become bitter or dull. With the Jade tea Infuser you can see the tea as it steeps. With just a twist of the wrist you can separate tea from leaf at just the right moment. Your tea will have its full flavour without being over-steeped.

Control the strength of the infusion by seeing your tea infuse.

How to steep tea using the Jade Tea Infuser:

  • Fill the larger glass compartment with water.
  • Fill the smaller compartment with loose leaf tea and attach the filter section.
  • Screw the smaller compartment and filter section firmly onto the larger compartment.
  • Invert the entire infuser. The leaf compartment will fill with water and the tea will begin to infuse. Leave for the required length of time depending on the type of tea you are infusing.
  • Invert the infuser to separate the liquor from tealeaf and then carefully unscrew the filter section from the section which now contains your finished tea.
  • Pour into a cup or drink directly from the infuser.
  • The double walled heatproof-glass will keep your tea warm as it waits for the perfect moment to be enjoyed.


Tea lovers, this one is for you. It brings the Zen of the tea ceremony into your everyday. It makes tea drinking elegant, simple, and sensual, and it makes it easier than ever for you to enjoy Jade Tea’s hand crafted teas the way that our tea masters intended.

With this tool we are bring tea drinking into the 21st century and making it attractive to those of us living in the city. The Jade Tea Infuser is one of my personal favourites; it is for those of us who look forward to an enriching and simple cup of tea after the daily commute. This is for you if you travel; and for you if you drink tea everywhere you go; for you if you don’t love excess packaging, teabags or take-away cups; and for you if your tea sometimes over-brews or gets cold before you create a moment to truly enjoy it.

This is the tea ceremony – liberated.

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