Jade Tea for Business

Jade Tea is a family run business with over thirty years knowhow in the production, evaluation and trade of handcrafted tea.

Our mission is to return the craftsmanship to tea culture.

A well crafted tea comes from a single origin - terroir that is suitable for growing a specific type of tea. Each individual tea leaf is then plucked by hand, and carried through multiple steps of craft by the expert skills of a tea master.


We partner with local tea masters, whom we believe are the top producers in their respective fields. 

Our in-house technical expertise include:

  • Production: three innovative tea processing techniques patented in Japan and China
  • Evaluation: experienced tea tasters, including certified Senior National Tea Evaluator (China)
  • Trade: average trade volume approx. 1,000 tonnes per year



Examples of our business offering:

  • Wholesale of speciality tea as loose leaf
  • Creation of bespoke single origin tea
  • Customised teaware and presentation sets (incl. corporate gift)
  • Menu creation, staff training and advisory service
  • Tailored tea making experience with our tea masters in China 


For our latest ideas and inspirations from the tea industry, take a look at Tea Talk


We are dedicated to bringing an authentic farm-to-cup experience to your establishment. Please get in touch at hello@jadetea.co.uk or simply fill in the form below.


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