Matcha Latte Recipe

Method 1 - Latte art method


matcha latte recipe 1-step1

Step 1:

  • Use a tea spoon take out matcha powder from container
  • Recommend two tea spoons (3-4grams) for 8oz serving portion
  • (Optional) Use a sieve to pass the matcha powder - this optional step removes any lumps of matcha to create a smoother tasting latte


matcha latte recipe 1-step2 

Step 2:

  • Add in sugar (3-5g per 8oz serving) as needed


matcha latte recipe 1-step3

Step 3:

  • Add hot water into the cup
  • Fill about to about 1/3 of volume


matcha latte recipe 1-step4

Step 4:

  • Mix powder with water thoroughly with bamboo whisk, electronic whisk, spoon or similar utensil


matcha latte recipe 1-step5

Step 5:

  • Add in steamed, frothed milk into the cup


matcha latte recipe 1-step6 

Step 6:

  • Congratulations! You made a beautiful matcha latte!



Method 2 - Pre-mix method


matcha latte recipe 2-step1

Step 1:

  • Add in matcha powder and sugar into the pitcher



matcha latte recipe 2-step2

Step 2:

  • Add in small amount of hot water and mix well


matcha latte recipe 2-step3


Step 3:

  • Add in milk to the pitcher



matcha latte recipe 2-step4

Step 4:

  • Steam the milk and matcha mixture



matcha latte recipe 2-step5

Step 5:

  • Pour out the latte into the cup, and serve!


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