Teaism Concept



  • Thousands of years ago, ancient artisans defined and formulated the teaism - the way of tea.
  • Today, our connection with tea remains strong….
  • But our way of life has changed considerably since then.
  • With the fast moving pace of lifestyle today, time is right to…
  • Redefine tea in our modern lifestyle, from the ground up.
  • Building on traditional aesthetics and blending modern processing techniques…
  • Teaism brings excellent tasting teas ever more accessible to all and inspire the next generation of tea drinkers…



Complication with tea drinkers today:


  • Most of us knows that tea infusions made from ‘real’ tea leaves of high quality are the best way to consume tea
  • And yet only a minority of us practice this in the real life situations… be it in office, outdoor or at home…
  • Lack of access to high quality tea leaf, time to make infusion, knowledge to choose, make infusion… etc all make quality tea not easily accessible….
  • What if, we can provide excellent tasting teas without the hassle of handling tea leaves…?



Founders belief in Teaism:


  • There is something magical about the power of tea and the way we consume and its ability to connect with one another through tea time
  • we’re increasingly spending more time staring into computer screens, and yet our desire to connect with one another and with nature remains stronger than ever
  • Teaism is about an experiment to redefine the way we consume tea in today’s lifestyle
  • It is about engaging wider audience of people about the beauty of tea
  • It is about providing an accessible entry point to those who are yet to discover the beauty of tea
  • And an inspiration for next generation of tea drinker





  • Now, you can make a cup of tea, a really great tasting one!, in seconds rather than minutes..
  • Hot or Cold brew, both achievable in seconds
  • Better tasting than tea bags - quality ingredients, improved proprietary technology, expertly sourced and blended in house
  • Preserve all the nutrients, and ingredients from the tea - delicious taste and great aroma
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